"What are you supposed to do when someone asks you to “prove” that feminism isn’t a massive conspiracy theory in a country where we’ve only had 39 female senators in the nation’s entire history, and 20 of them are serving right now? What kind of a stupid fucking question is that?"

~ Lindy West, from Sexism Fatigue: When Seth MacFarlane Is a Complete Ass and You Don’t Even Notice. If you follow me on Twitter, you know how upset I got from Seth MacFarlane’s gross turn as Oscars host. If you’ve ever quoted Family Guy around me, you know my history with that show. I loved it… before it got cancelled. Then it stopped being satire and just started circling the drain.  Then he became the highest paid man in television, with the freedom to create whatever he wanted to create, and he used that freedom to make the same show three times a week, which was just a potty-mouthed, less funny version of The Simpsons anyway. Seth MacFarlane is the greatest example of wasted opportunity and wasted creativity, and Sunday’s Oscars were just more of that, with an extra dose of kicking women, people of color, gays, and Jews down several notches for the cheapest of laughs. Unacceptable.

27 February 2013 ·

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